Goodbye Tot ziens Hej då

Dear everyone,
Tomorrow is the big day! We are taking off. After such a long time of preparations, organizing, waiting, stress, goodbyes, laughter and tears, mixed emotions, hard work, alcoholic nights, songs, kisses and many beautiful moments, we are finally headed for Australia. We don't know what our future will bring us there. But we have all the confidence that it will work out great for us. We have faith, and we have each other. What more do you need?!?
What we do know is what we're leaving behind: the greatest friends and family one could ever wish for! Especially the last couple of weeks this feeling grew stronger every day, with all the goodbyes we had in Sweden and Holland. Follow this link for a photo impression.
You people have been fantastic for us. And it may be a cliche, but we are so happy to have you in our lifes. And we trust that we will keep contact. We're only as far away as you make it yourself, and if its up to us, we'll stay just as close as we've always been. And remember  Vera Lynn : "We'll meet again, dont'n know where don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day".
Cheers Mates !!!


Hello Jan and Mikaela...
I wish you all of luck and joy in Australia...

Min engelska är inte vad den borde vara skriftligen, så du mikaela får väl översätta till käre Jan...

Men jag önskar er allt gott och hoppas att ni har det bra och finner lyckan där ni är just nu...

Varma hälsningar
Niklas Strandberg
Anonymous said…
Hoi Avonturiers,

Ik hoorde dat het bij de incheck nog ff spannend was. Maar jullie zijn goed vertrokken. Ik hoop dat jullie een goede vlucht gehad hebben en al lekker aan het strand liggen bij te komen in Thailand. We hebben nog veel leuke foto's van jullie, die komen nog jullie kant op. dikke kus Bianca

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