Where to start?

Every morning we overlook the city from our small motel room in the town centre. As the sun rises and Adelaide wakes up, we are thinking: “Soon we’re going to be part of all this, as if it’s the most common thing in the world”. But now we still feel a little like outsiders, realizing how much it took to get here, and how special it really is. For all of them out there this is home, and for us it will be. But just not yet.

There is so much to organize and to get used to, now that we landed here. We really didn’t know where to start: housing, transport, banking, shopping, food, work, insurance … In fact we had no plan at all. The only thing we had was this motel room: our own little universe of 4 x 4 meter. And the knowledge that it will be like this until somewhere in October, when our container will arrive with all our belongings. And you know what, that fine with us!

So what did we do this week? We basically went around like a headless chicken, looking for apartments, uses cars, job offers, stores, restaurants and internet cafés. But although we haven’t booked any concrete results yet, it does feel now that we were heading somewhere. Jan has a few job interviews next week, Mikaela found a some wheat free stores and restaurants, and we have more or less decided in what area we want to live. So at the end of our first week we can at least say: we have something of a plan !


Anonymous said…
You've got mail!

Kiss, Aitri

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