Why Adelaide?

No matter where you are and who you are talking to, you can bet on it that each time you are introduced to someone the question will pop up. It’s burning inside their brain the moment they find out you are new here. "Why Adelaide?”.

It all comes from a long lasting rivalry between the states in Australia. When you live in the eastern states you’re supposed to say that Adelaide is unexciting and not hip. Adelaide is the little brother, easy to pick on. And because the locals here are very proud of their city, they will start selling Adelaide to you, even before you answered the question: “Its nice and relaxed, people have space, it’s affordable, it’s green, and nevertheless almost every weekend there is some major event going on”.
We found that it’s all true. Especially the events are blowing our budget. Almost every major band in the world is playing here, and it’s so much easier to get tickets. We’re going to see Linkin Park on Mikaela’s birthday, and we have tickets for the Police. We plan to see Miss Saigon, and a festival with ‘Rage Against the Machine’ and Bj√∂rk. We just could not afford to see Muse, Crowded House, Justin Timberlake or Marilyn Manson this month. Too bad. And once the festival season starts, god knows how we’re going to pay for all this …

So dear people of Adelaide, you do not have to convince us. Although Adelaide does not have an Opera House or a Harbor Bridge like Sydney, we love it for what it is. We just feel at home here …


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