Jan's shoulder

Becoming a parent changes everything. You want to be well prepared, and get as many things done before the baby is born. One of the things Jan had been postponing for a long time was to get his left shoulder fixed. It had been painful for almost a year, especially after lifting things and driving the old Toyota (which was a manual). Neither physiotherapy nor chiropractor helped much. An ultrasound showed that there was really just one option left: a shoulder arthroscopy operation. Definitely not his favorite thing, but you want to be able to lift the baby, right?

The ‘op’ took place last Tuesday in the North Eastern community hospital. According to the surgeon it all went fine. Recovery will take a while though. Need to train up the arm again from zero: every movement feels like new. Meanwhile Jan will be walking around with a sling, like a one armed bandit. The pain may be bugging him at times, but according to him the upside is that he is free from cooking and any household task for the next couple of weeks. "Plus you get absolute awesome painkillers: been half stoned all week!!! Now that’s not so bad, is it?!?"


Susan said…
Soon you have two girls who are coming there to support you :).
Take care now!
Susan & Annika

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