Lance Down Under

How cool is that? The man himself making his come-back in the streets of Adelaide? In fact, only yesterday he went racing by around the corner not just once, but twenty times! It’s Lance Armstrong we’re talking here, seven times winner of the Tour de France, and living cycling legend. He chose the Tour Down Under to launch his re-entry in the professional peloton this year.

Just like the weather, Jan was all overheated this week. Every move of the man was followed fanatically. We managed to spot him on three different occasions throughout the week, but getting anywhere near was just no option. First of all there was an enormous crowd everywhere he went, and then there was his security to deal with. The closest we got to him was at the team presentation: see for yourself our camcorder shots.

So how did it go for the great Lance? Well, hmmm, he still has some training to do. It was very hot and windy though, plus all the publicity took its toll as well. But as a real fan Jan still believes in him, so he proudly purchased the official Lance Down Under gear. The yellow drinking bottle is already mounted to his bicycle ;-)


Anonymous said…
he dat is gaaf die armstrong zo dichtbij... en dat weer!!!!! ik praat erniet meer over dat is hier heel anders:-(

Dikke kus van paulus

ps we hebben nu ook skype.. wat is jullie adres???

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