Night Owls

Something remarkable happened the day little Nora arrived home. An owl landed in our patio, and it has been there ever since. At night it flies out, but every morning it returns back to its spot, staring into our living room, as if it’s keeping an eye on Nora. You might not believe in fairy tales, but it feels very surreal being watched so closely all day, as if we’re in a Harry Potter story. Look for yourself at this video. Do you think it’s a sign of good luck?

Talking about night owls: little Nora definitely deserves that nickname. She’s almost a week old, and mummy and daddy are already totally worn out. Her rhythm (as far as she has one) has more in common with the owl than with ours, so you can imagine we are longing for a good night sleep. Feedings are also a bit of a struggle at times, but our midwife Megan reassures us it is all part of the learning curve. So we keep faith and do the best we can. She is absolutely adorable, and probably every parent has been through this phase. For sure it will get easier after a while, that’s common wisdom. Or should we say: the wisdom of an owl?


Anonymous said…
Oehoe oehoe this is really surreal with the owl and what is Nora a pretty girl , and I'm not the parent in a fase;-)

Love you guys

XX Paulus
Anonymous said…
I think it is a sign. You should have named her Harry ;-)
Anonymous said…
Inderdaad heel apart ! Ze heeft nu al beschermengel ;-). Erg leuk Nora een stukje op film te zien.
Succes met de korte nachtjes.....
xx Bianca
Susan said…
Coool! :) She already has gardians.
Must be a good sign.

Hugs & xxx
Anonymous said…
seriously, you did a great great job, shes really adorabel! Such a cute little baby! Congrats a lot! Wish you both good luck, I'm sure you're already great parents=)
lots of love from Sweden,
Och på svenska, Mikaela, hon är verkligen helt ljuvlig!!! Tusen tack för vykortet, fotografiet var inte med men det spelar ingen roll, nu har jag ju fått se henne, mini prinsessan=) Många många kramar!!! Sköt om er!

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