Hej allihopa !

You know what we did today?
We went to the consulate to get me a nationality.

Now I am a citizen of a far away country that is famous for

Midsummer parties
Pippi Longstocking
Daim chocolate
Pirate Bay
Små Grodorna
and crazy blond girls.

Any idea where that might be?!?


Mark ;) said…
You're forgetting that this mysterious country is also famous for Volvos, dark and fast (progressive) metal, Yngwie Malmsteen, Nils Holgersson, The Harry's (sp?, of Diggilo-Diggiley fame), Henke Larsson, and Absolut Vodka. Not all of them equally appropriate in this beautiful little entry about a beautiful little girl, but I thought it had to be said... :)
And what a familiar looking wipstoeltje!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm it's not Holland, but is sounds familiar…..let me think…..:-)

XXX Paulus

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