Swedish "Midsummer"

Exactly three months young today, and already Nora has celebrated her first Midsummer. This time it did not take place in Sweden or Holland, nor was it flooded with booze. In fact: it didn’t even take place at mid-summer. We celebrated it in the middle of our winter with the Swedish club in Adelaide. But many things were familiar: the weather for instance. It was a wet and rainy day, with a max of 17C. Pretty much the same weather as in Sweden this week! Also the traditional Swedish food and songs were on the menu, and of course dancing around the Maypole (photo).

It was our first time with the Swedish club , and we experienced again that once you have kids the integration really takes off. Mikaela met a few young mums, who invited her to a Swedish mothers group. Should be good fun, and nice for Nora as well to hear a bit Swedish every now and then. With the mums from the Aussie & Aquarobic mothersgroup they even go to the ‘mums and bubs’ cinema every fortnight. How good is that?

As for Nora: she is an absolute joy. She grows well (currently 5.6kg/61cm), sleeps well and most remarkable: she talks a lot. In her own jabber language she talks to mum, her softies and even to the TV. She seems to have lots of opinions about everything. We will have our hand full with this lady!


Anonymous said…
Hoi trotse ouders,
Ik heb nog aan jullie gedacht, maar het midsummerfeest gaat gelukkig in Australie ook gewoon door. Wij hebben het met de meiden Paulus, assie en Alexia geviert aan de lek, daar was een dancefeest Riverdance en daar zijn we geweest. En raad eens wat...we hadden hetzelfde weer als jullie, koud, wind en af en toe spetters ;-) groetjes Bianca
PS super leuk dat jullie met oud en nieuw hier komen, kan je alle nwe lovers zien hahah

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