Six months young

Can you believe it? Our little girl is already half a year old. It feels like it was only yesterday that Nora was born. Remember the forceps marks in her face and the owl in the garden? Time has been flying. So many developments since those early days: Nora really became a little personality.

First of all: she’s not a ‘little’ girl anymore. With almost 68cm - 3 cm above average - it is apparent that she‘s going to be tall. Also it is apparent that she’s very alert. Everything around her is being observed with the greatest interest, even if it means skipping sleep. Our girl has been a good sleeper over night, but she still insists on waking up at 5am in the morning. As for daytime sleep: she can be a drama queen. Where other baby’s simply fall asleep, Nora first needs to throw a tantrum, and let everyone know how tired she is. Funny enough she never cries for hunger, wet nappies, heat or cold. She only screams for tiredness and attention. But she’s a tough nut: has not been sick a single time, even though both Mummy and Daddy have had the flu. As for feeding: we are slowly reducing the bottle feeds, and introducing solids. Pear, rice cereals, pumpkin, potato, parsnips and zucchini: she seems to like it all.

Most amazing though are her eyes, and her ever so infectious smile. Nora is a master in using her charms to wind you around her finger. She’s adorable and she knows it. Yes, we will have our hands full with this lady. But what a joy. Happy half-year day Nora !

Click here for a photo slideshow of the past two months.


Anna W said…
Guuud va söt hon är!!!!! Det är heöt otroligt att hon redan är ett halv år!
Men varför skulle det vara konstig att ni fick en så charmig liten tjej??? Hon har det allt efter mamma. =)
Sköt om er!! Många kramar Anna
Susan said…
Hon är ju heeelt underbar!!! Önskar att man kunde se henne mer!! :) Ser fram emot julen!
Puss o kram

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