Visitors from Holland

This weekend we had visitors from Holland. Caroline, a friend from Jan’s former impro-theatre group, is touring through Aussie with her fiancée Niek and their 7 month old daughter Florianne. They are making the trip of their lifetime: in a campervan starting from Darwin, driving through the red heart down, crossing South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, up to Queensland. And then on to New Zealand! Follow them on their own blog: Tica on tour.

This weekend they stopped over in Adelaide, to pay us a visit. What a joy it was. We had gorgeous weather, so we went out to the hills at Cleland wildlife park. The little girls hit it off immediately. Florianne, being only 1 month older than Nora, proved to be a great inspiration. Within a weekend she taught Nora how to sit up straight and how to hold her own bottle while drinking. Now that’s progress!!! Guys, it was fantastic to have you around, and we can’t wait until the girls meet again. We hope you have a wonderful time in Aussie.

Meanwhile we are getting ready for the next guest, arriving tomorrow …


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