Its official now: Nora is no longer a baby, but a toddler. So much has changed in the last couple of months. At childcare they upgraded her to the toddler room, and that’s where she truly belongs. This little lady is walking and talking, interacting and communicating, crying and manipulating, listening and understanding.  She’s learning with the speed of light, and keeps amazing us every day.

Her favourite word now is ‘shoes’. She just got her first real pair the other week, and if it was up to her she’d go to bed with them. First thing when she wakes up is ‘shoes, shoes’, and she’ll fetch them for you. And next comes the jacket, because her other favourite thing is going outside. In the garden we have installed a climbing tower with a slide. Round and round our little girl goes, until Mum and Dad can no longer keep up. Tell you what: she is one active and energetic lady!

Click here for a new slide show on how Nora developed since her birthday in March
(yes, yes, it was about time we put one online again)


Anonymous said…
HA HA ! Wonderful to see!!
Before you know it this little toddler is a teenage girl..
Carpe diem - time flies too fast :)

Anonymous said…
I just see a model, victoria secrets will book her in a few year with her killer smile....

Big kiss from up and above....XXX
Love Rico en Paulus

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