The heat is on

No floods here in South Australia. Although we had the wettest spring in decades, and the summer came very late, it has been fabulous weather since Christmas. Temperatures hovering around the 25-30C for weeks and weeks. Which means endless days on the beach and in the pool. And the best thing is that everyone is still in holiday mood. So work may have started again, but it’s all very relaxed.

It’s only now that the first soaring hot days are forecasted .... had to happen eventually. Lucky for us we’re in the Hills, where it’s always a little bit cooler.

To cool down a bit, just have a look at our photo selection of last winter and spring. Hasn’t our little girl developed into a real lady?


Susan said…
She has grown in to being a beautiful young little girl I say! So fun to see her progress!
Miss you guys!

Hugs Susan

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