Nora's second birthday

Hurray hurray, Nora turned 2 years old today!!! Can you believe how quick it all went? She’s a true little lady now. We got the princess a mini-kitchen, so she can cook up her own dish when things get overheated. See here how she woke up to the surprise.

Of course this birthday called for celebrations. Yesterday we had some of her best little friends over for a barbie (BBQ). Despite the rain, or perhaps thanks to the rain, Nora had a ball with Caleb, Arwen, Sterre, Tristan and little Myles.  Parents under the covered pergola (thanks again Grandpa), and the kids splashing around in the rain. Perfect!

Mum and Dad are ever so proud, but a little nervous as well. Our little girl now officially entered her “terrible two’s” and knowing her full-on character, she will probably make sure that we’ll never forget this age ;-)

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes and the great presents. Nora loves it all!


Susan said…
Happy birthday Nora!!
Hugs Susan & Marcus
Anonymous said…
Sjips een dag te laat toch weer vergeten.. maar desalniettemin van harte met je verjaardag en laat je ouders maar genieten van je terrible two :-)

Liefs Rico en paulus

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