Bangkok: Asia in a nutshell. Vibrant alive, like an antheap buzzing with life, action, noise and energy. Everywhere people, motorbikes, tuktuks and polution (feels as if we smoke three packs a day ;-) But everyone's friendly and keeps smiling. Love this place. We're here now since two days, away from the beach, on our backpacking trip. What a life !
What brought us here in the first place was our visa. We needed to pick them up yesterday from the Australian embassy. And so we did. In this sweaty and humid weather we even dressed ourselved up for the occassion. So all exited we came at the embassy for our big moment. This was it, finally our visa. So what an anti-climax it was, when we just put our passport over the counter, waited for five minutes, and then got them back with the visa stickered in. As if we were bying a trainticket. Thank you, after 18 months of hard struggle with Australian bureaucracy.... just like that !!! Weird .... but it felt great anyway. Now we are ready to launch !!!


Anonymous said…
Hoi Jan & Mikaela,

goed te lezen dat het gelukt is!
Succes Down Under,

(Buysse Immigration)
Susan said…
Congratz:) I hope you have a nice time up in Ciang Mai, has to be a fantastic trip for you both!

Love you both and take care now!

Anonymous said…
hai avonturiers.
Echt geweldig jullie site, erg leuk om jullie belevenissen te lezen en dan ook nog met foto erbij.Zo te zien vermaken jullie je prima, echt lekker genieten van Thailand. Have fun xxx bianca

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