Yes, we are finally there. This morning around 6 AM we touched down at Adelaide airport in Australia. A big milestone for us, although it felt pleasantly relaxed. In the early morning sun, under clear skies, it was almost as if we were coming home. Which in fact was true.

The Australian customs though were less impressed. Paranoid as they are for any overseas food, dirt or animal diseases, they searched our bags rigorously. And not without success. With great satisfaction her majesties elite squad found something extremely illegal, which had to be confiscated immediately: our electric fly swat (you know, a tennis racket on batteries to kill mosquitos). Followed of course by some extensive paperwork, with many stamps and autographs. Yes, the country clearly escaped today from a major threat ;-)

After this last hurdle of Australian bureaucracy, we had a very warm welcome by a lady from the Meet and Greet service. This former South African woman helped us getting started today with bank accounts, insurance and getting us a mobile phone number. She drove us around, happily mumbling Dutch Afrikaner expressions, while she got lost in traffic. So well integrated by now, that she’s the living example of the Australian lifestyle: “Who cares if we’re making a detour? It’s a nice day, isn’t it? So relax, enjoy!”
Life was smiling at us today …


Anonymous said…
XXXXXXXX lost of love luck and happyness.......

Rico and Paulus
Anonymous said…
Finally there.. That's great news!
Wish you al the best there and I think of you!!

Anonymous said…
Great picture! Thanks of letting us join the moment. Must be a great feeling to enjoy the arrival in your new world and see the future ...

It looks very unreal to us and gives us tears, but your happiness compensates it all!

Mikey en Fem
Anonymous said…
It was good to read that your are in Adelaide, but also I had a strange feeling in my body, like now it's real, but it good too see the happy picture of you too and the read about the good arrival. Enjoy this moment en make a good start. big love Bianca and Sam
Anonymous said…
So great to se and hear that the trip to you new "home" went well!!
I´m happy for you guys. I look forward to talk to you soon!!

Many hugs


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