For all of you who are frustrated with the European summer, we have some good news: we are back in Phuket and it's raining! Does that make you feel a little better? Of course it's still 30ยบ C, and a shower every now and then is quite nice, when you're in a sea canoe, doing a snorkeling trip, or taking a dip in the pool. But still …


We returned to Phuket, after a tour of Thailand. In Bangkok we paid tribute to the Grand palace, all kinds of (floating) markets, Chinatown and of course the go-go girls at Patpong road. Besides the cooking class in Chiang Mai, we did the temples and the golden triangle, we went up&down Laos and we visited the longnecks up north. What remains are memories of a beautiful country with ever so friendly people. Click here for a photo impression.


Now you might get the idea that we've been racing around. But really, we took it very easy. No must do's, taking one day at a time. We're really down to the laziest level you can dream of. The perfect way to prepare for our next adventure, which is only a few day away now: our long awaited arrival in Australia. Do you think they would be able to activate us again Down Under?!?


Aitri said…
Susan said…
How great that looks!!! Amazing!!:) Looks like you had a really good time and relaxing. Hope the last days in thailand is as great!

Many Hugs

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