The heat is on

There we go: the summer is on. The whole week it has been sunny with temperatures over 30˚C, and next week we're closing in on the 40's. Since it is dry heat, it’s really not that bad. Quite pleasant actually, if you ask Mikaela. She feels fantastic in this climate, and might even consider to stop using her electrical blanket ;-) So far Jan is coping with it pretty good, although the worst is yet to come. Thank god for the airco at work and in our bedroom.
The lifestyle that goes with this climate is easy to get used to. At daytime you mostly stay inside, where it’s relatively cool. At night life is happening outdoor, on the street in the café’s and restaurants. And in the weekend: off to the beach !!! With 60 KM of white sandy beach in the metropolitan coast, there is plenty of nearby locations to choose from. So far we’ve been to Somerton beach and Henley beach. Funny coincidence: the first time we were beaching Mikaela’s father called up….. from Iceland! It was -5˚C there. What a contrast! Yeah, life is tough Down Under.

By the way: a good old friend visited our town last weekend. Although still seven weeks to go, Santa Claus was welcomed in the traditional Christmas Pageant. At the tail of a long parade, watched by thousands of kids and adults, he arrived with reindeers and all, kicking off the official Christmas season. Poor fellow, let’s hope he brought his swimming gear...


Anonymous said…
poor santa in that suite.....

en ja we zijn jaloers....

liefs, Rico en Paulus
Anonymous said…
sluit me helemaal aan bij paulus en rico.. Grrr! ;-P


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