Smoke on the Water

It was worth a try. But pretty much like the Australian prime minister, who tried to extent his term in today’s elections, we failed. But it was fun anyway!
The opening event of the Adelaide International guitar festival was an attempt to get into the Guinness book of records. Plan was to form the biggest guitar band in the world. Everyone who can play guitar was invited to join in playing Deep Purple’s classic “Smoke on the water”, outdoor in the festival park. So cool, people of all ages and backgrounds gathered together to play the famous riff. No question of course that Jan had to be there as well. Too bad it was not enough. According to the official count we were with 1300 guitarists, while 1800 were required to break the record.
But no worries mates, next year there will be a new attempt. Maybe then they should take the same approach as with the elections: make it mandatory to show up ;-)


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